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Technology and Event Planning

By Heath

Technology and events can be a complex pairing for planners who don’t consistently keep up with the latest trends. In today’s society, it seems as if the moment something groundbreaking happens in the tech world, a total new and improved idea is launched into fruition shortly after. With events, the trends of multi-use apps, wearable technology, and even the continuous evolution of social media are collectively impacting the way we go about planning. From keeping your planning team all on the same page to creatively promoting events to target audiences, these are just a few reasons technology and planning have become a match made in Heaven.

Reduced Chaos

We all know the importance of organization, especially when you have been given the task of planning an off-site ministry event. As a team leader, it can be challenging at times to make sure all the components of your event are running as smooth as possible. With so many details to keep track of, it is critical for event planners to utilize the right tech tools to drastically reduce the chaos that can come with event planning. Google Keep, Cortana, Todoist, and other great tools and apps are available to help keep your event planning organized. From combining and perfectly arranging your notes to setting reminders through you own digital helper, you can definitely rely on some form of new technology to help organize your planning process.

Effective Collaboration

For your event to be an absolute success, collaboration amongst your planning team is highly important. No retreat planner wants to form a committee but then be stuck doing all of the hard work. Improve team collaboration by employing online communication and file storing tools, such as Skype, Slack, and Google Drive. These resources will keep your group connected by allowing them to video chat, send direct messages, and share important documents with each other. No matter what type of collaborative tools you choose to put into practice while planning, you will be saving your team from exerting their energy to make phone calls or send out multiple emails back and forth to each other! Who wants to go back to those dinosaur days?

Saved Time

They say time is money. Therefore, it is crucial for planners to work diligently and not waste time. The last scenario anyone wants is to be totally stressed out with planning while time is working against them. Fortunately, today’s technology is here to help save us time in order to make the most out of our planning. Tasks can now become automated and more efficient with the right technical tools. For instance, online registration is one of the first and most important steps to planning a perfect event. Wouldn’t it be nice to instantly search for a guest’s name and see if he or she has paid or not instead of digging through a pile of forms? It’s possible with the right services, such as Eventbrite or Cvent.

Enhanced Engagement

Guest interaction and engagement are key to creating an experience that everyone will always remember. As a planner, it is your responsibility to keep the overall engagement level high at your event in order to provide a wonderful experience for guests and generate a buzz for the future. If guests enjoyed your event one year, chances are high they will come back the next. To enhance engagement, actively post on social media and encourage guests to do the same during your event. Interactive polls and live streaming are additionally great for interaction because they allow your planning team and guests to engage with one another as well as show outsiders what they missed out on.

The evidence is clear. Technology and event planning have become one, and there is no looking back. By staying up with the trends and using the best resources available, you can guarantee there will be no room for failure in your planning process.

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