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New Year, New You

By Kayla and Alexis

If you have been reading along in our blog series, you know we are looking at New Year’s resolutions for spiritual health. In the blog earlier this week, we discussed exercises to stick to that resolution on an individual level. One-on-one time with God is very important. We need to try our best to schedule time for Him, so that we can improve our faith. But resolutions are hard, and no one is perfect. We may have every intention of sticking to our planned prayer break or scripture schedule but fall short from time to time.

It’s those times when we need someone else to lean on and support us. They say one of the best ways to stick to your exercise goal is to tell people about it, so that they can provide constant encouragement and reminders. It holds us a little more accountable. Well, spiritual resolutions work the same way. Don’t just tell people that you want to strengthen your faith, let them help. Yes, I’m talking about getting involved in your church.

Sitting in that pew every Sunday morning is a great way to spend time with God and learn about His teachings. It can give us the encouragement and strength to make holy decisions during the week. But if you want to stick to this resolution, it is going to take a little more time and effort. The best news is that there are probably people in your church looking to grow the same way. This builds relationships that you can look to for support in the future. After all, they call it church family for a reason. Here’s a few things you can do within your church group to build your faith:

  1. Volunteer in your church by joining the choir, helping in the nursery, etc.
  2. Start a prayer group.
  3. Join a Sunday school class.
  4. Participate in a Bible study.

As you can see, there are multiple ways to improve your spiritual health within a group setting. Sometimes it is nice to have a group of people that you can lean on from time to time for encouragement or help.

The church isn’t the only place where you can grow your spiritual health. Next week’s blog will take you off-site to show how groups and individuals can flourish by getting away.

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