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Twitter Follow-Up

By Alexis

This week, we are taking a look at how to use social media to follow-up with guests after an event. We have already discussed the benefits of Facebook, now let’s talk about Twitter. Yes, I said Twitter. This is another great social media resource that is user friendly and makes it easy to connect with your guests after they have gone home.

Now, it may surprise you that there is more to Twitter than tweets and hashtags. You can use this platform to record and upload videos as well! Create a fun video, thanking your guests for taking the time out of their busy schedules to attend your event. During your video, you could ask your guests to share their favorite part of the retreat by commenting below. If you are interested in posting a video to Twitter, click here for more information and step-by-step instructions. Or, take it a step further and broadcast live through Twitter! Click here to learn how. Just make sure that you practice what you are going to say prior to recording or going live.

Surveys and polls are another great way to get feedback from your guests. They are easy to create and disperse, especially through social media. On Twitter, you can easily create a poll by clicking within the text box, like you are getting ready to write a tweet. Four icons will appear beneath the box. The poll icon should be the third from the left. However, if you place your cursor over the icons, a small text box will appear, explaining what it is for. Once you click on the correct symbol, a blank poll will appear within the text box. Next, all you have to do is create the poll! However, like Facebook, a downside to creating a poll on Twitter is that you can only ask one question at a time. Although, a unique characteristic to Twitter polls is that you can control the time frame for which people can cast their vote. However, the time frame is limited. You can only keep the poll active for up to 7 days. Furthermore, your poll is completely private. No one, not even you, can see how your guests voted.  This anonymity may encourage more people to vote honestly. Also, not knowing how a specific guest voted, can make it easier for you to make unbiased changes.  Click here for more information about Twitter polls and for step-by-step instructions.  

Another great tool is Twitter Ads. You can use this program to reach hundreds of potential guests prior to your event or to contact your guests after the event. However, it is not free. For more information on Twitter Ads, please click here. Within Twitter Ads, there is a program called Tailored Audiences. This platform allows you to specifically target those guests who follow your retreat twitter profile and who have visited your website by using their website tag. This tag is a tracking code that you would need to embed within your retreat or event website. This code allows Twitter to track and collect information on those who have visited your website and have a Twitter account. For more information about this platform, please click here.

Before using this program, you will need to create and upload your “Thank you for attending this event” advertisement to Twitter Ads. Next, you will need to generate a list that consists of your guest’s information. You can do this by retrieving the guest’s phone numbers and emails from your registration forms. Furthermore, you can access your event Twitter page and construct a list of your followers’ Twitter handles. Additionally, use the information gathered through Twitter’s website tag. The program then uses this information to target your followers and those guests who have a Twitter account but do not follow your page. Just make sure that when you create your lists, that you are using a .csv or .txt file format. Click here for a step-by-step guide for creating, uploading and using Tailored Audience.

Reconnecting with guests after your event is very important. So, keep up the great work with Tweets, pictures and hashtags, but add these in to get the most out of Twitter.


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