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Youth NOW

By Kayla

So often people talk about how we need to build a strong youth because they are the future of the church. While that is true, the thing to remember is they are also a part of the church right now.

Invest in them by hosting youth camps and retreats. Events like this make them feel welcome and important.  Everyone is looking to fill their own spiritual needs, and retreats/camps reach out to youth in ways that they personally need to continue to find and grow in God. Plus, the fun and supportive environment is such a powerful way to get them involved in the church and to stay there.

Show them how to lead and disciple to others. Since camps are more open and welcoming to non-church members, they provide greater opportunity for students to interact in a Christian environment with those who don’t go to church. This is the perfect time to teach about discipling and sharing their faith with others, which they can then take back home with them. Thus, the church sees growth immediately. After all, the goal of all Christians is to lead others to Christ.

Build their faith so that they don’t detour from a life with Christ. A study by St. Mary's Press shows that 13 is the age when people begin their journey of leaving the church. Many of the participants showed little signs of connection to the church. That is why it is so important to invest in the youth now. Teach them about all the wonderful things God is and does so that when they are outside of the church, their faith doesn’t falter. Give them a reason to stay. Connect them to the church and foster those Christian relationships that are so important in a person’s life.

Focusing on the youth to build a foundation for the future of the church is so important. But it all starts with taking care of them now. There are plenty of fun and impactful ways to show the youth how important they are, all while growing their faith for a lifetime of trust in God. And a good place to start is with a retreat or camp at a Christian venue!!

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