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What’s Included in All-Inclusive?

By Kayla

We often talk about our all-inclusive packages.  Every group that books a retreat gets lodging, meeting, dining and recreation included in the price for each guest.  For first-time planners, the question not only becomes whether or not this is right for your event, but also what each of those things really means.  So, let’s break it down:

What is the difference between motel and dorm style lodging?  Every retreat package comes with the option of either of these lodging styles.  Aside from the size (and possibly elevation) of the bed, linens are not included in dorm style, but they are in motel.  For dorm style, unless you rent a linen bundle from us, you will have to bring your own sheets, pillow, etc.  We suggest using a sleeping bag, especially for kids.  Motel style includes linens, and the bed will be made when you get here, as well as daily housekeeping.  The other main difference is price.  Dorm style is a more budget-friendly package, because there are more people per room (most sleep anywhere from 7-10 guests).  Motel rooms sleep about 4 guests.  Some dorms, also, do not contain individual bathrooms per room and instead use community facilities.

What is the difference between buffet and banquet dining?  All meals are served buffet style and include multiple entrees, salad bar, dessert and beverage center.  However, planners can upgrade a meal to a sit and serve banquet with linens*.  Banquet meals allow planners to pick what dishes they want their guests to enjoy, while making their dining experience extra special.  Please note that banquet meals are not included in retreat packages but may be added for an additional fee.  For any meal, be sure to talk to Conference Services about food allergies. 

What does the meeting room entail?  Whether you need a space for worship, Bible study, icebreaker, etc., we have a room for you.  If you need some ideas on how to use a meeting space, check out our blog “Meeting the Need”.  So, back to what it entails.  Every group gets one meeting room included in their package.  In addition to the room itself, our staff will set it all up before arrival.  But this doesn’t just include tables and chairs.  We will also take care of A/V/L equipment needs (all at no extra charge).  Plus, free WiFi.

Don’t forget about our meeting room food and beverage service.  Add some extra comfort to your meeting room with a hot decanter of coffee, teas, or ice water; maybe a tray of fruit, vegetables, cheese and crackers, or fresh baked cookies*.  We will handle the preparation and delivery, so you can focus on your meeting.  Please note that snacks are not included in retreat packages but may be added for an additional fee.

What is basic recreation?  Basic recreation at all properties ranges from indoor gyms to game rooms, blacklight sports to human foosball, and outdoor fields to disc golf courses.  There are plenty of games to play!  And all the equipment is provided.  However, there are a few activities (deemed “premium recreation”) that require a minimal charge for staffing for the safety of our guests.  These activities include pools, beaches, go karts, rock climbing, zip lining, high ropes, shooting sports, escape rooms, and team building.

Our all-inclusive packages bundle the essentials for a successful off-site ministry event.  But we also have some extra options for those looking to add a little more to the experience. 

* not available at every property

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