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By Alexis


Have you heard of them? They can be a single word or a bunched up catch phrase. If you have a social media account, then you more than likely have seen a hashtag. Some people only use one or two, while others use 10+. Here at Christian Retreats Network, we use hashtags like #welcome or #MondayMotivation within our social media posts. Not only do they add some extra fun, but these creative phrases are a great multi-tool for an event.

Hashtags can help advertise your event for FREE. Also, they allow you to easily track pictures, videos and posts on social media. Are you interested in creating one for your event? If so, here are some tips on how to create and utilize a hashtag.

When creating a hashtag, it is important to keep it simple, catchy, unique and related to your event. It should also convey a message to your guests. These parameters will help make it easy for guests to remember and to catch people’s eye on social media. With this in mind, the hashtag can involve your event name, go along with the theme or the event’s takeaway message. Some people create their own, while other use hashtag generators. However, before you start advertising the hashtag, hop on social media and type it into the search bar to see if others are using it as well. Depending on what you find, this can help you determine whether or not to use a specific hashtag or if you should go back to the drawing board and create a new one.

The main key to a successful hashtag is to encourage guests to use it. In order for this to occur, you will need to advertise your hashtag everywhere you can so that guests are aware that one exists. You could make a special announcement on the event’s social media page(s), include it on the promotional signage, place information about it within the welcome folders or make an announcement at the event. Set up a fun selfie booth so that guests can take pictures of themselves at the event. Then have a sign about your hashtag to remind guests to use it when publishing the picture or video to social media. Additionally, set up designated “snap a picture” locations around the property for guests to take pictures of the beautiful scenery or to snap a quick selfie. Label these areas with some form of fun signage, like a plastic yard sign, that encourages guests to participate. At the end of the day, you can view and gather this footage by typing the hashtag into the search bar on a social media website. Save the footage in a designated folder on your computer, then use it at the event. These posts would make a great addition to your daily recap video. Or, take it a step further and create a social media wall at your event.

Have you been to a professional sporting event, where they show attendees social media posts on the big screen? To create this fun and interactive experience, organizations use social media walls. A social media wall is created by using a software system that collects posts from numerous social media platforms and displays them live on one screen. Hashtags allow the software system to easily locate and collect the posts. By connecting your computer to a projector system, you can effortlessly stream the social media wall on the “big screen” at your event. Or, if you prefer a smaller scale, connect your computer to a TV to broadcast your real-time content. Either way, make sure to credit the person who originally published the content.

A hashtag is a wonderful resource that can add some extra creativity and encourage guests to interact. Make sure to utilize it at your next event!



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