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Trending Event Technology

By Alexis

As you begin to map out your event, have you thought about what technology you will be using? Of course, there is the normal list that includes a computer, projector and the A/V equipment. But what about adding something extra that will really wow your guests? With that being said, here are four of the top technology trends to implement into your next retreat:

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

When you insert that tiny chip on the front of your credit card into a card reader during check-out, you are using RFID technology. RFID uses radio frequency waves to transfer information stored on a chip to a reader that is connected to a specific computer system. There are multiple ways to use this technology during a retreat. Create name tags and place a RFID chip on the back that is programed with that specific guest’s information. They can then use this technology to easily check-in at the event. This will simplify the check-in process for both the guests and staff members. Or, easily track attendance to discover which workshops/classes guests preferred.

Projection Mapping

Up your wow factor and encourage guest interactivity with projection mapping. It uses a projection system to illuminate a surface with colorful graphics. With this technology, the world is your canvas. Turn a plain, boring wall into a colorful, 3D interactive master piece. If you have seen the fireworks show at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, then you have witnessed projection mapping. Use this technology at your event to create a very memorable experience. You could illuminate the entrance of the meeting venue, the stage or a blank wall. Whichever you choose, guest will be talking about this experience for years to come.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Create a unique interactive guest experience throughout an event with augmented reality. This technology allows you to create graphics that can be viewed through an application on a phone or tablet with the real world as the background. Do you have Snapchat? If so, a Snapchat filter is a form of augmented reality. There are multiple apps that use augmented reality, such as the popular Pokémon-Go game. To utilize this technology within an event, create a themed Snapchat filter for guests to use.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Unlike augmented reality, virtual reality technology allows you to create interactive graphics within a computer-generated environment that can only be seen through a special headset. VR systems are becoming widely popular within the event industry. Use VR at your event by designing a unique game of scavenger hunt. Or use the 360-degree feature to create an interactive experience during a demonstration at worship.

If you are wanting to amaze your guests, then keep these trending event technologies in mind. Even if technology is not your thing, find someone on your team who can help you. These ideas are sure to impress and create a very unique guest experience. You will not be sorry.

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