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Fun Indoor Games for Youth Retreats

By Alexis

If you are planning a fall or winter youth retreat, it is important to prepare exciting and energy burning recreation activities.  Traditional games such as a basketball, volleyball, relays and kickball are always a crowd-pleaser at youth events.  However, this year, fall away from playing the same ole games.  Here are four activities that your students are sure to love:

Capture the Cones - Image credit:

As you can probably determine from the title, this activity is a twist on the traditional game of Capture the Flag.  Instead of capturing one flag, this game requires players to capture multiple cones in order to be declared the winning team!  Also, this is an ideal game if you are looking for an activity that encourages strategic thinking and teamwork.  Click here for more information about the setup and rules.

Sprout Ball

This game is a unique variation of dodge ball.  The end goal is the same, however, there are no teams.  Also, a player can only take three strategic steps in order to throw the ball with the intention of getting someone out.  This is a great game for guests of all ages!  Click here for more information about the setup and rules.

Chair Foosball

This is one of my FAVORITE indoor games!  Chair Foosball is a versatile activity that can be played by students of all ages.  It is easy to set up and encourages students to work together as a team.  If you have a very large group, set up multiple games and turn it into a tournament!


42 chairs (amount can vary based upon how many players)

1 Foam or Rubber Playground Ball (I recommend using a foam ball if you are playing in a room with windows or breakable items).

4 Cones

Game Set Up:

Set up the gym/room as shown in the diagram above.  The blue chairs represent Team A and the white chairs represent Team B.  The chairs should be placed back to back in the rows with a four and five count.  Use two cones to designate the goals.


Players must stay seated at ALL times and are only allowed to use their hands to pass and intercept the ball.  The players that are sitting back to back cannot touch, hit or grab the person behind them.  At the end of each completed game, players can move to a different position/seat.


Designate two chaperones/counselors to be the referees.  One should stand on each side of the “court”.  To begin play, have a referee roll the ball through the middle of the court (like a regular game of Table Foosball).  To score a point, the ball must pass through the designated goal.  After a scored goal or if the ball leaves the court, the referees should resume play by rolling the ball down the middle of the court.  The first team to score five points wins.

Four Corners


Four Corners is a classic game that we would always play during P.E. or inside recess.  This is a great activity that is easy to play and encourages students to be active.


4 signs, each labeled with a number 1 through 4.


Using the signs, designate and label each corner of the gym/room with a number.  Next, select a person to be the caller.  The caller then stands in the middle of the room/gym and loudly counts to 10.  While he or she counts, the rest of the group runs to a corner as quietly as possible.  At the end of the count down, the caller will shout out a number.  The students who are in that specific corner, are out.  This continues until there is one person left, for which is the winner! 

As you continue to plan for your fall or winter youth retreat, include some of these activities to your recreation schedule.  These games are a great way to entertain those energetic students when you have to play indoors.

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