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Hybrid Events

By Alexis and Ashley

Does your church provide a live stream of Sunday’s service? Or have you seen a TED Talk? If so, then you have witnessed a hybrid event. This type of event is a combination between a virtual and in-person setting. So, in other words, you are streaming your event online. This can help boost your attendance by allowing guests who are unable to physically attend, be able to tune in from a remote location. However, virtual guests are not the only ones who can benefit from this type of an event.

Use this system to enhance the event for those who are physically attending. By connecting a tablet to a television or projector system, you can easily stream the event in different areas of the property. This will allow those who need to step out, like a mother with an upset child, to still be able to participate. Or let’s say you have scheduled an afternoon with multiple workshops. By uploading the recorded video from each session to your event website, guests can view the workshops that they missed. Either way, guests will love this unique experience.

Here are four tips on how to create your very own hybrid event:

1. Create an event website.

Creating an event website is always a good idea, however with hybrid events, it is a must. This is where your guests can register, pay or log-in to access your feed. Another great feature to add to your website would be a chat room. This will allow virtual guests to interact with each other and the event. Just make sure that you assign someone to monitor your chat room so that questions can be addressed quickly. Now, I know what you are thinking… how much would it cost to create a website? By using a website builder, like Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace, this can be accomplished without breaking the bank.

2. Promote your unique event.

Whether you advertise the event at your church, on social media or through the local Christian radio station, make sure to include information about your unique hybrid event. Provide your website and social media information so that interested parties can learn more or register!

3. Equipment and Technology.

From a tripod to extra batteries, make a list of everything that is needed for the event.  For example:

  • Video Camera(s)
  • Tripod(s)
  • Laptop(s)
  • Tablet(s)
  • Television(s)
  • Charger(s)
  • HDMI Cord(s)
  • Other cords that are needed
  • Batteries

Making a list is a great way to guarantee that nothing is left behind. Some items you'll notice not on the list above is your AVL equipment; that's Audio, Video, Lighting for your meeting space.  While this equipment isn't something you will pack with you it is crucial to your recording.  You will want to ensure lighting and sound works with your recording devices and that any special lighting effects don't interfere.  Do note though that many facilities have extra charges for the use of their A/V/L equipment and requesting changes once you arrive could multiply those charges.  There are facilities like ours that do not charge, and all A/V/L is complimentary; so just keep this in mind when constructing your event budget!

4. Test before going live.

You know the saying, “practice makes perfect”. So, before your guests arrive, make sure to test all of your equipment, live feed and chat room. Run through a few lines to make sure that the sound is working properly and that there are no glitches with the website.           

It is completely up to you on how much or how little you would like to stream. Whether it is your worship service/guest speaker, a couple of workshops or a combination of the two. Either way, you are sure to impress guests with this high-tech experience.


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