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Worrying Causes Wrinkles

By Alexis

Did you know worrying causes wrinkles?  Ok, not really but it is no secret that event planning can be very stressful.  At times you may feel like you are drowning in the details.  Especially when there are bumps in the road that are completely out of your control.  Or maybe you have problems thinking straight or sleeping because your mind is racing with everything that needs to be done to make sure your event is amazing.  All in all, stress and worrying not only hinders your planning process but it also affects your health.  However, there are ways that you can overcome these feelings.  Here are some tips to help remove those “worry wrinkles” during the planning process:

1.  Get organized

Organization is key when it comes to de-stressing.  Knowing where everything is and when things need to be done will help you feel like you are back in control.  First, make sure your work space is clean and your “tools” are organized.  Stop by your local office supply store or just hop on Amazon to find an organization box.  Binders with tabs, folders and designated notebooks can also help you stay organized.  Next, get organized within your event.  Make a master list of all of the tasks that need to be accomplished.  Map out a timeline and establish a deadline for each item.  By seeing the big picture, it will allow you to feel a little more in control and the deadlines will help keep you on track (just make sure to stick to them).  Especially if you are a visual person.  Plus, it will also help with making sure details are not left out.

2.  Make a to-do list

Using your master list, create a daily or weekly to-do list for you to accomplish.  Taking “small bites” can help melt away feeling overwhelmed.

3.  Get started

Give yourself and the team plenty of time to plan and prepare.  Putting details off will only result in a rushed process that can cause problems down the road.  Procrastination is your worst enemy.

4.  Do not be afraid to ask for help.

Do you have a planning team?  If so, do not be afraid to delegate!  Just make sure that each member knows exactly what needs to be done.  Also, keep a written record of assigned tasks to help you stay organized.  This will help avoid multiple people being assigned the same task.  If you do not have a team, ask friends, family and other church members if they can help you with the event.

5.  Technology is your friend, use it.

Computers and software systems, like Excel, are great tools to help with time management and organization.  Here at Christian Retreat Network, we have created downloadable resources to help you throughout the planning process.  Technology can also help with decreasing the amount of paper.  For example, what if this year, you create an event website where guests can register and pay online?  For more information about online registration, check out our blog!

6.  Take a step back

Taking a periodic break is a great way for you to refocus on the task at hand.  Get out in nature by going for a walk or just simply sit outside.  Close your eyes and do some breathing exercises.  Or spend time playing and cuddling with your pet.  No matter what you decided, just make sure to step away completely from the details and technology.

7.  Listen to music while you work.

This tip may not work for all.  Some people prefer to have silence while they work. But if you do not mind some background noise, music is a great way to empower you while working.  So, turn up those Christian tunes and let the music melt away that stress.

8.  Stock up on gum.

Yes, chewing gum can be used as a stress reliever.  So, if you are someone who likes to use a stress ball or some form of a fidget tool, try chewing gum! Talk about a yummy fidget.

9.  Aromatherapy

Use aromatherapy to help sooth your mind and help with concentration.  You could pick up a candle at your favorite store or defuse oils from an essential oil company.

Event planning can be very stressful.  Avoid those “worry wrinkles” by using some of these stress relieving tactics.  But most importantly, keep reminding yourself why you are hosting this event and how it will change lives.

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