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Are you excited yet?

By Courtney

Are your students getting excited for summer camp? If not, how can you get them interested? It seems like it takes a lot for youth today to get excited about things.  But with summer only a few months away, there should be some sort of excitement stirring in your church. Here are a few ideas on how to generate interest in attending summer camp.

Camp is a great Gift.

With today's economic times, it is hard for some students to even think about going to camp. But, sending a student to camp is generally viewed as a sound investment in each student's spiritual life and in the church's mission to raise up a generation of strong Christian leaders. No need for spaghetti dinners or big fundraisers just yet.  Our recommendation is to simply reach out to your student's families, to people like Grandma & Grandpa, who may want to give $50.00 for each of their grandchildren.

Camp is memorable.

For a week or weekend your students are sharing their lives with their peers from sun up to late into the night.  A week is fairly brief in the grand scheme of things.  However, in a week of camp, strangers become friends and there are huge opportunities for spiritual development.  Lots of the spiritual development is because your students are immersed in an atmosphere that is free of the things that shape our day-to-day which allows students to focus on God.  Many big God moments are at camp. The same is probably true for many of the leaders in your church.

Though camp is a few months away for most of your students, start planning pre-camp events that will take place this spring.  Start making plans for fundraisers, pre-camp meetings for students & parents, and an invitation campaign for your students to invite their friends.  Consider inviting your camp speaker to speak at the church once or twice before your group leaves for summer camp.  All of these pre-camp activities can generate excitement, re-kindle memories from last year, and start making new ones!

Camp takes preparation.

It's generally easier to spread out your planning over a couple months rather than cramming in the last couple weeks.  If you haven't already chosen a property for you event, start looking for a location or an event to attend.  Christian Retreats Network properties host many events churches plan on their own or we can connect you with an event that your church can attend at one of our locations.  Start recruiting counselors, van drivers, support staff, ect.  Divide up some of the preparations among several people, and check back with them periodically to see how things are coming along.

How do you get your students excited about summer camp?

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