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Retreat Refreshments

By Alexis

Tis the season for holiday treats. Fresh baked cookies, fruit cake, chocolate covered pretzels and so much more! However, the holidays are not the only time that yummy treats are appreciated. Providing treats during your retreat is a great way to allow guests to replenish during or between workshops. Snacks can help provide that much-needed energy boost after a late night of fellowship or tide over those growling stomachs until the next meal.

Offer your guests an assortment of snack items, however, do not provide noisy food like pretzels. The crunch and crumbling of the bag can be distracting and may disrupt your meeting. Here are some examples of snacks that you could provide at your retreat:

  1. Assorted bagels and cream cheese. Tip: Cut the bagels in half to minimize food waste.
  2. Fruit tray with dip(s)
  3. Assorted fruit bowl
  4. Vegetable tray with dip(s)
  5. Assorted granola bars (Do not offer this snack if you have a guest that is allergic to nuts or another ingredient that are in the bars.)
  6. Pre-packaged assorted nuts with cranberries or other dried fruits. Or if you prefer, let your guests make their own! Place the snack items in separate bowls with a spoon or scoop. That way guests can pick and choose what they would like and leave what they do not like. You could take it a step further and add some cheese cubes as well! This combination is one of my favorite snacks. However, do not offer this snack if you have a member of your retreat that is allergic to nuts.
  7. Bite sized milk and dark chocolates                                                                                     

Prior to your event, make sure to include a section within your registration form for dietary restrictions (if you haven’t already). Clearly ask guests to include all food related allergies. Make a spread sheet of these allergies and review this information before running off to the store to buy supplies. That way you do not purchase something that guests cannot eat or can make one of them sick.

To add some creative fun, arrange the snacks, like the fruit/vegetable trays, in different shapes or patterns. There are numerous options to choose from, but here are a few examples: a Christmas tree, cross, rabbit, star and a turkey. Or you could design the snacks based on the event theme!

No matter what, your guests will appreciate a treat at your retreat.

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