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God’s Love

By Stephanie

With Valentine’s Day upon us, we have spent over a month with symbols of love all around us.  It is a day dedicated to showing love to someone special in our life.  The love we typically celebrate on Valentine’s Day can best be described as an emotion or feeling linked to a deep connection with someone that brings us happiness.  As great as loving and being loved by someone can feel, it is no comparison to God’s love.  God’s love is not based on a feeling, emotion, or actions.  It is unconditional, which means it is not subject to any conditions.

We know God’s love is unconditional because Romans 5:8 says this, “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”  Did you catch that? While we were still sinners Christ died for us! He loves us despite our sin.  He loves us enough that He sent His one and only perfect son to die a horrible death on a cross just so we can be saved.  If you are a parent, think about that for a second.  Would you be willing to allow your child to die for sinners?  God did.  He watched as His son, the only perfect person to ever exist, was beaten, tortured, harassed, ridiculed, and ultimately murdered.  Jesus was blameless and worthy of nothing but good things, but instead suffered a horrible death. God loved us and wanted to save us from a life separated from Him, so He gave the ultimate sacrifice out of love. 

God’s love is pure and selfless.  If you think about it, we are pretty selfish people.  The best of us still do not understand how to love as God loves. We love when it makes us happy, or when it is convenient, or when we get something out of it.  When things start going badly in our relationships or when we stop “feeling” in love we tend to drift off to the next thing we think we love.  Lucky for us, God does not love the way the world loves.  His love is perfect and never fails.  He never deserts us and is always working to draw us closer to Him. 

God’s love is wonderful and can be experienced by anyone.  If you seek to understand God’s love, spend time with Him. Take time out of your day just to talk to God and thank Him for all He does.  Read your Bible.  What better way to get acquainted with how God loves than to read the manual He left for us?  Finally, to experience God’s love, spend time worshiping Him. You can worship God any time anywhere. You do not have to wait for a church service. He loves you and wants you to experience the love only He can provide.

This Valentine’s Day make it a goal to seek God’s love and draw closer to Him.  It is the best present anyone could give you.

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