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One Price Fits All

By Kayla

One of the toughest jobs for planners is figuring out the budget.  Every venue charges differently.  You have to figure out how much to charge each person before they register and then get enough attendees to cover the expenses.  It can get a little intense, especially if there are multiple package options from which guests can choose.

So, how do you determine this one price?  If you book at an all-inclusive venue, they will usually be able to tell you either a total price or a price per person based on meals and nights.  Just make sure you add in your own total expenses, such as travel, registration software, or praise band.  Then divide out amongst the number of attendees you are anticipating.  If you would like to encourage people to register quickly, offer an early registration that is a little cheaper. Just make sure you will still be able to cover costs.

A single price provides you with simplicity when adding up bills later.  There is no need to keep track of who participated in what with how many meals and in which lodging.  Everybody pays the same price no matter what they use or how long they attend.  At the end of registration, you simply have to multiply the number of participants by the one price to know how much you will have.

This pricing method also encourages better participation and attendance from guests, because they have already spent the money on it.  Aside from gym memberships, most people will use what they pay for.  Having everything included in what they already paid makes them more willing to use what is offered, which leads to a more fun event.  Likewise, if guests get there and then find out they want to do an additional activity they didn’t pay for, that is going to be either a tough conversation or a headache to get them added and paid.

Providing only one price option may be frustrating to some guests, but in the long run it will have greater benefits for your event.  There is less confusion in adding up the bill and guests are more likely to fully participate.  Plus, they don’t have to make the decision on which package to choose from and risk missing out on something. 

If you need help figuring out your budget, check out our budget tool.  And yes, this figures the cost per person.

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