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GaGa Ball

By Kayla

Jump, pivot, step, lunge and jump.  So, it’s not the 5 D’s of Dodgeball, but that’s because this isn’t exactly dodgeball.  GaGa Ball focuses on hitting the lower portion of the body.  Enclosed in an octagonal pit, players try to hit the ball with their hands at the feet and legs of the opposing players.  Unlike dodgeball, only one ball is used (usually a foam or lightweight ball, something bouncy).  When struck below the waist, that player is out and must exit the pit.  The last player standing wins!

To start, every player begins in position touching the side of the pit.  Someone throws the ball up into the air.  As the ball bounces, players yell “Ga”.  The ball is in play only after the second bounce, i.e. “Ga Ga”.  The word “Ga” means “hit” or “touch” in Hebrew.

Specific rules:

  • No picking up or throwing the ball.  It must be hit with one hand.  (Kicking would constitute being hit below the waist, and therefore the player would be out)
  • Players may use the side of the pit to aid in dodging but cannot simply sit on it.
  • If the ball leaves the pit, the last player to touch it is out.
  • Once out, players must immediately leave the pit.  
  • If the ball leaves the pit, a player that is out may catch the ball in order to reenter the game.

This fast-paced game is great for all ages and abilities that constantly keeps players engaged.  Eight of our properties have GaGa pits with this activity included in all retreat packages: Lake Williamson, Eagle Rock, Wheat State, The Crossing, Black Hills, Sunstream, Potomac Park, and Pine Creek

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