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Human Foosball

By Kayla

One of the best things about camps and retreats is the unique games.  Recently growing in popularity is the table game foosball, turned life size.  Instead of spinning little guys on a stick, participants actually become the players. 

But since this game is bigger, there are a couple of different rules that need to be addressed:

  • Both hands must stay on the bar at all times. You don’t see the little guys in the table letting go of the bar to kick a ball.
  • It is okay to chicken wing the ball with your arms as long as both hands stay on the bar.
  • A referee or spectator begins the game by tossing the ball into the center. Before that can happen, the mid-field rows must have their bars touching the wall opposite the referee.


  • Teams are comprised of 6 players.
  • Bars include players as 1, 2, 3, 3, 2, 1, with players of opposing teams on every other bar.
  • Players from each team face the opposing team’s goal.

Once the ball is in play, players try to kick it into the opposing team’s goal.  When a ball is scored or kicked out of the pitch, the referee or spectator throws it back in the middle to continue play.

You can either play within a fixed time frame (i.e. 10 minutes) or to a certain goal count (like 5).  The team with the most goals wins.

CRN properties that include Human Foosball in basic recreation are Lake Williamson, The Crossing, Pine Creek, and Sunstream.

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