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Blacklight Sports

By Kayla

Anyone can play games in a well-lit gym.  But if you want to have some real fun, turn out the lights.  We find that some games are actually more fun in the dark.  That’s why Lake Williamson and Sunstream offer blacklight sports arenas.

But what can you play in the dark??  Here are a few ideas:

  • Dodgeball: Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge in the dark. Neon balls make it easier to see them coming.  However, opponents with darker clothing may be harder to hit.
  • Bombardment: This is a modified version of dodgeball. Each team has 3 bowling pins or cones they can place wherever they want on their half of the gym.  Then regular dodgeball commences.  The objective is to knock over ALL 3 of the opposing team’s pins/cones.  That is the only way to win.  In addition to dodgeball’s regular rules for returning to the game, when a team successfully knocks over an opponent’s pin/cone, their WHOLE team gets to come back into play.
  • Bowling: Have you ever been to a bowling alley where they turn out the lights and you bowl by blacklight? The ball and pins will all glow as you roll.  Lake Williamson features bowling sets that you can set up in the blacklight gym.
  • Soccer: With a glowing ball and goal, you are ready for some blacklight soccer.
  • Basketball: With a glowing rim and backboard, this game is sure to be a slam dunk.
  • Putt Putt: See if you can sink a putt on Lake Williamson’s 9-hole blacklight course.

Turn out the lights, put on some white or neon apparel, and have a blast!

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