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How to fully use an event theme

By Kayla

We’re hosting an event!!!!!  Okay, not really.  But maybe you are, or are wanting to.  So, as promised, we are here to help.  We have written multiple blogs about retreat themes; what is popular this summer, aspects of an event that can relate to it, etc.  Now, we are going to make one and share with you each step of the process as we go.  From picking the theme to decorations at the event, we will break down each aspect and include specific examples. Our event will be a summer youth camp for 100 students.

But before we dive into that, let’s reiterate the purpose of theming an event.  First and foremost, it makes the event memorable.  Driving home a solid message built into every nook and cranny of an event means it’s going to be hard for guests to forget.  Secondly, it is a foundation when promoting.  As any good marketer knows, brand image and consistency creates a trust and recognition that will build the value of the company (or event). And lastly, themes provide a structured base for the lessons and activities held.  Just like the Sunday sermon, it is important to focus on a message, not fling out a bunch of random lines from the Bible that don’t relate.  Tie it all together, because it gives the event a purpose, and it gives guests a reason to attend. 

Stay tuned for our progress.  Topics we will hit include picking the theme, pre-event planning, promotion, during the event, and event tech.

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