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At the Event

By Kayla

After all that hard work, event day has finally arrived.  If you’ve been keeping up in our series, we have chosen a theme (Anchored) and created all the promotional materials to incorporate it in our pre-event planning.  But now that the event is here, you may be thinking we are done.  Wrong!  The theme of an event is a continuous factor.  Remember when picking a theme that it has to be incorporated into EVERY aspect of the event.  I’m talking games, worship, songs, decorations, everything.


Everywhere guests look during an event, there should be reminders of the theme.  Decorations are probably the most fun way to make this happen.  Start with the stage set for your speaker/band.  Using blue lights and curtains, we can create a simple underwater scene.  We also want an anchor, so we will make one out of cardboard and place it in a prominent spot on the stage.

Party stores are sure to have underwater themed decorations, from center pieces at the dining room to door signs for lodge rooms.  We can also put our logo on guest name tags.  The only real limit here is the budget.


This step is a little outside of the promotion range, but just as creative.  Likewise, if you plan on displaying agenda items on promotion materials, it would be best to do this step earlier rather than later. 

Message: Whether an outside speaker is presenting or the youth leader, they must be prepared to present on the topic.  Read the entire verse of Hebrews 6:19 and explain what it means to be anchored in Christ, as well as how it applies to their daily lives.  The important thing is tailoring the message to the 100 kids that are listening.  Since they all know what an anchor is and how it works, this metaphor is a good way for them to visualize Christ as their anchor.


  • Shipwreck
    • Group Size: Large group (10 or more)
    • Age Group: Pre K – Grade 5
    • Developmental Goal: Increase listening skills, endurance and awareness.

How To Play:

  • The leader explains that s/he is the captain of the ship and is going to give commands to the players/crew to perform a specific movement or sound. Explain that the crew is sailing treacherous seas and need to work together and follow the captain’s commands to survive.  If a crew member does not follow the commands correctly or is the last to follow the command, they must go to the “brig”.  Explain the playing area and designate which end is the “bow” of the ship and which end is the “stern”, as well as where the “brig” is.  The goal is to be the last crew member standing.
  • Commands:
    • Roll call: the crew must line up at the middle line of the playing area, feet together, toes on the line, salute and say, “aye-aye captain!” The crew may not lower their salute until the captain salutes and says, “at ease.”
    • Crow’s nest: players act as if they’re climbing up a ladder to the crow’s nest.
    • Swab the deck: players act like they’re mopping the deck.
    • Shark attack: the captain becomes a shark and tries to tag the crew. Those tagged go to the “brig”.
    • Break Time: active crew members run to the “brig” and tag as many people as possible. Those that are tagged can come back in and play again.
    • Sailor Overboard: crew members pair up and decide which one gets on their hands and knees, and which one places a foot gently on the other’s back while pretending to use a spyglass to find the sailor in the water.
    • Drop Anchor: crew lies on their backs with legs up and acts like an anchor.
    • Row to Shore: crew gets in lines of 4; players act as if they are rowing to safety, while singing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”



What is camp without a t-shirt?  Our kids will need some souvenirs to take home with them.  Shirts, water bottles, stickers, buttons, lanyards, sunglasses and notebooks are all prime promo gear for our logo.

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