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By Kayla

Our Anchored theme is in full swing for our sample event.  We’ve made promotional materials, found songs and games, and even decorated.  But there is one more area that this theme can be used for: event tech. 


Yes, they are still a thing. We have chosen the following hashtags to be included on all of the social media posts for kids camp, as well as visuals to encourages guests to do the same.

#Anchored  #AnchoredinChrist #Hebrews619 #AnchoredYouthCamp2020

Snapchat Filter

Snapchat is a quick and easy way to share photos during an event.  In order to leverage some marketing and make it more fun for guests, create a Geofilter.  Snapchat offers designs online that you can customize, adding text and images, or create your own.  We created one for our kids camp with the logo and a water texture over the top.  Just remember that people’s images/videos will be the background so leave the middle part open. 

Social Media Posts

We already talked about sharing the event on social media sites like Facebook, but it is important to keep up with the posts.  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all great places to post registration information, announcements, contests, and pictures/video of what all is happening. 

But some people may lack the desired graphic design skills to make those posts stand out on newsfeeds.  Believe it or not, there’s an app for that.  Wordswag includes images and fonts that are easy to edit into a post.  You can also use images you have taken.  It even comes with preset dimensions for posts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn.  Then input desired text, move around the image, and use a filter on the image.  Here is a Facebook post example of an announcement for the band that will be leading worship at our kids camp.

Photo Booth

Every event from weddings to Christmas parties to camp is incorporating photo booths.  These provide a prime spot and props for a commemorative photo for attending an event.  Plus, some booths and apps used allow you to post the picture straight to social media or send it to your phone.

Social Media Wall

Now that we are going to be getting all of these posts from our hashtag, geofilter and photobooth, we need to do something with them.  Have you been to a professional sporting event where they show attendees' social media posts on the big screen?  Well, our event can do that, too!  By using a special software system, we can collect posts from multiple social media platforms and display them on a live screen. 

Now our theme has come full circle.  We decided on it, created a logo and promo materials, decorated and scheduled our event around it, and included it in all of our event technology promotions.  We hope this has helped you in truly incorporating a theme into your next event.

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