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General Health and Cleaning Tips for Events

By Kayla and Alexis

Event safety actually starts well before the event. Planners should begin by checking with their venue about their procedures. Ask about things like deep cleaning and disinfecting public areas, staff training, most trafficked areas and surfaces, etc.

If they will allow it, ask for extra hand sanitizing stations around the property. This will promote hand cleaning without trying to send everyone to the restrooms.

You can also provide guests with hygiene products within their welcome packets. For instance, pocket-sized germ-x and gloves. Place a container of Clorox Wipes in all the guest rooms. However, before running to the store, check with the venue first. They may already provide this in the rooms.

The best way to handle an issue is to stop it before it starts. In addition to sanitizing stations, look for other preventative measures when it comes to spreading disease. 

Implement an alternative to handshaking policy.

Use individually packaged communion elements.

Leave meeting room doors open during guest arrival and departure avoiding hot spot door handles.

The less items people have to share, the less germs they will spread. Here's a few hot spots you may not have thought about:

• Registration Tables
(pens, clipboards, touchscreen kiosks)
• The Stage
(mics, podiums)
• The Sound Booth
(soundboard, computer)
• Merchandise Tables
(cash or credit cards, touching the merchandise)

It is most important to communicate with guests. Provide them with information that explains what measures you and the venue are taking to keep them healthy and safe. Ensure everyone knows what to do if they are feeling ill. Where is the nurse's station? Do you have an isolated area for guests to go that are sick, if they cannot immediately go home? Talk with guests openly so that they feel comfortable sharing any health concerns.

While health regulations for all businesses are in the spotlight now more than ever, the light is most intense on large gatherings aka your event.

Think outside the box on activities and games that are low contact. For instance, Bible trivia and bingo. A prize for the winning team could be first in line at a meal. Make sure to check with the property on what activities they offer as well.

Be prepared to be flexible. Make sure to adhere to any state or federal regulations on meetings and events. The venue will be able to help you with this; however, it is important to stay up to date. Remember, rules change.

Finally, it's important to relax. You heard us; relax. While we're outlining some great ways to stay healthy and safe, don't drive yourself insane trying to cover every inch of your venue with Lysol. Implementing some cautionary procedures, that your venue has probably already done for you, and staying smart with your activity planning will have you covered.

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