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Escape rooms are for everyone!

By Adam

The reactions are the same.  Gasps, screams and cheers.  Every. Single. Time.  When the trap door in the ceiling flies open and drops a clue to the unsuspecting guests “locked” in a library and trying to find their way out.  Well, not really locked in, and not really a library and the people inside probably aren’t all that unsuspecting. They are in an escape room.

Not only are commercial escape rooms sprouting up in empty strip mall store fronts across the US (and the world), some adventure recreation programs are adding escape rooms to their repertoire as well.  At Lake Williamson, we have two escape rooms with a third on the way.  Our escape rooms offer a unique experience for your guests to have a blast, but also with the potential for group bonding to take place through a shared experience.

We know your retreat schedule is packed full; you were even kind enough to allot six whole hours for your guests to sleep.  So why consider adding one more thing to your schedule?  There is no down time as it is. Adding one more activity might just push your guests over the edge of exhaustion. 

With your schedule being tight as it is, we know that you don’t always have time for a 3-hour high ropes course or low initiatives course.  But what if you could get some of that benefit in just an hour’s time?  What if you could provide a unique experience your guests would continue to talk about long after their experience was done?  What if you could provide a little competition for your guests to hype up and brag about once complete?  What if you scheduled escape rooms into your retreat?

While some of our other Eagle Crest Adventures programs can limit participation due to some physical and health guidelines, our escape rooms are for everyone!  We can alter our escape room puzzles to allow for younger participants to have an opportunity to escape.  Since no one leaves the ground, the fear of heights is a non-issue.  There is no age limit and we have found that often the senior guests we have hosted absolutely loved their experience and can’t wait to try one of the other rooms.  Escape room participants do not have to be strong, a certain height or weight.  Escape rooms really are an option for all your guests. 

Since the Lake Williamson escape rooms were introduced in 2017, they have quickly become one of our most popular adventure recreation options.  And for good reason.  The escape room experience is completely unique; our rooms were designed and built entirely in house.  No mass produced, chain store experience here!  Our escape rooms are also designed for groups to take advantage of our seasoned adventure recreation facilitators.  Each room is overseen by our  facilitators who are trained not only for your safety, but also to ensure a positive experience and bring about growth opportunity for guests. 

Already in the Eagle Crest Barn for a high ropes course or climbing gym session?  You can add the escape rooms to your session to enhance your group’s experience and create memories that will last a lifetime.  I guess the question now becomes, with all the benefits our escape rooms have to offer, why wouldn’t you add one to your retreat?  Still not convinced that they have any real benefit?  Check out our more in-depth article about escape rooms by clicking here

Even if you don’t escape, we’ll let you out of the escape room… eventually. 

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