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Is Everyone on Your Team Being a Team Player?

By Kayla

While individuals have the ability to accomplish great things on their own, some of the greatest feats happen as the result of a collective group.  But working as a team isn’t always the easiest thing.  You may feel like you have to walk on eggshells around some team members.  Others may seem distant or quick tempered.  It’s hard to really get things done when not everyone is being a team player. 

Being on a team is like other relationships.  You have to listen, compromise, and use positive words to keep everyone working in tip top form.  If you disapprove of someone’s idea, how you say so is going to make a big difference on how they react.

The truth is, we have all be through challenges these past few months.  The biggest being teams’ inability to meet up in person, attempting to do all meetings via web cams and text messages.  While these still allow progress to happen, it can definitely lead to more strain on group cohesion.

So, what is a team to do when not everyone is being a team player?  Complete a team building program!  I know, I know, this sounds like a lame attempt to help people get to know each other.  But if you choose the right program, members can walk away with a deeper respect for one another and new ways to work together that make the process more efficient.  You may even find your faith strengthened.

There are so many options when it comes finding a team building program.  You could climb through elevated obstacles on a high ropes course, put your thinking caps on in an escape room, or creatively navigate a low ropes course.  Each activity presents its own challenges and benefits.  Strengthening a team involves realization on personal skills, ability to compromise, positive communication, learning and utilizing a partner's skills and honest participation. As the team strengthens, so do its members. The opportunity of individual growth is apparent when someone develops a new skill, recognizes the power of compromising with others or overcomes a fear.

If team building still doesn’t sound appealing, try a staff retreat.  Even just a weekend away gives the team a chance to take a step back, slow down and relax.  Escape that tense environment that led you to read this in the first place.  Just getting into a fun atmosphere can make everyone see each other in a different light.  Have a little fun, make some memories, and by the time you get back to the hard work, your team will be revitalized and ready.

It’s hard to call it a team when not everyone is working as one.  Get things back on track and see the work quality soar. 

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