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Keep it up

By Kayla




“to encourage the sales, acceptance, etc., of (a product), especially through advertising or other publicity”

In its essence, promoting is simply the act of informing (with a sprinkle of persuasion mixed in).  This is a key concept when planning an event.  It’s how you get guests.  Youth events usually use videos of games and blob flying.  Ladies retreats list out their workshops.  You get the picture.

In today’s event industry with cancellations, postponements, and virtual alternatives, promotion is more important than ever.  Not necessarily to get people signed up, but rather to make sure they have all of the correct information as things update.  Thus, it is not just targeting those who haven’t signed up yet.  You also have to reach those who have. 

The problem is that most people who have already registered will no longer be looking at your promotion pieces because they are already going.  That is why, when things change, all text needs to reflect that there is new information.  Use words like “update”, “new”, and “change” to draw the eye.  These phrases also help people who may not have originally attended but are willing to now with the new date.

If the event is cancelled, slap a big old “cancelled” text over everything.  Put it in the title of your Facebook event and in the subject of every email.  Make sure to reach out to guests.  You should have received their contact info (i.e. email address) when they signed up. 

No matter what stage your event is currently in, promotion materials will be the biggest tool in running a successful event (eventually).

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