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Online Christmas Caroling

By Kayla

A classic holiday tradition is to go from door to door singing Christmas carols.  Because, as Buddy the Elf says: “The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear.”  We have even done this in our Christian Retreats Network office, where we visit our district departments and sing.  It’s a lot of fun and really brings people together for Christmas.

But carolers may be a little less welcome this year.  COVID restrictions will keep people from getting together, which definitely includes the strangers singing through the neighborhood.  Before you go and cut the whole idea, remember that this is still a great activity that many of your church members would like to participate in.

Thus, we must look to technology.  You’ve probably already been using it to stream your services anyway.  The best place to start would be going live on the church Facebook page.  The good thing about Facebook live is that it’s authentic.  There might be a couple off-key notes, but the same thing would happen if out caroling.  If your church has a YouTube account, you can go live there, too.  These can also be shared later in posts and on the church website.

Another option is to do zoom caroling.  Have the church members at home log in and start singing.  Those who just wish to watch can also join in on the call and listen in.  The good thing with Zoom is that you can record the call.  So, if you are the host, have your caroling crew log in and sing their carols while it records.  The video can then be shared on social media and website.  Don’t forget to ask everyone to dress festively for the occasion. 

Remember that while some people may stumble upon it, this is going to be something you have to advertise.  You can’t knock on their virtual doors.  Send a message out to all church members.  Put an article in the paper.  You could even mail a postcard inviting people to participate.  Slap a QR code on it with the link to your video to make it even easier for people to find.  Also, ask your church members to share it out on their social media pages.  You never know who you might reach.

Classic FM has shared a list of the 30 greatest Christmas carols of all time to help get your playlist started. Now, let’s go spread some Christmas cheer!!

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