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Oh, Christmas Tree

By Kayla

There’s nothing quite like putting up the Christmas tree and turning on the lights for the first time.  But with the hardships this year has brought, there are many that will not be able to afford a tree this year.

If your church is looking for an outreach program this Christmas, consider delivering trees.  Work with a local tree farm to purchase them.  Then have church members with trucks and trailers deliver the trees to those in need in your community. 

However, the cost of a bunch of Christmas trees can add up quickly.  If you are willing to wait until closer to Christmas, some tree lot owners that know they will probably not sell anymore, are willing to let you haul them away for free.  They may even offer to partner with your church.

Plain trees are an amazing donation that many families would be excited to have.  But there may be some church members willing to donate lights or ornaments to decorate them. 

This is a great community outreach opportunity that will surely bring joy to those giving and receiving.

It’s not what’s under the Christmas tree that matters.  It’s who’s around it.

-Charlie Brown

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