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Drive Thru Only

By Kayla

Christmas lights are one of my favorite things.  Every year since I could drive, I would venture across Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri, just to see a new Christmas light display.  While there are many places that normally offer walking through lights, this year, it’s just not happening.  Which is really sad for some people. 

But your church can help!  In our ongoing series of COVID-safe Christmas outreach ideas, we are sharing ways to adjust Christmas traditions to fit restrictions.  Thus, we think your church should make a light display drive through.  I’m sure there are some jolly, light enthusiasts in your congregation that would be eager to help. 

Set up a display around the church road and parking lot (I know not every church has the same amount of space, so you’ll have to get creative).  Include as many lights as possible wrapped around trees and along the route.  Set up individual scenes, such as the nativity, Santa’s sleigh, toy making, and snowmen.  Each participating family in your church could be in charge of their own section and scene. 

Participants can enjoy the lights safely from their cars, while also getting a feel for your church. This will be one of the most popular Christmas activities this year.  Don't let your church miss out.

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