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For the Fun of It

By Kayla

People don’t go on religious retreats for the fun of it.  Otherwise, it would be called a religious vacation.  But it’s not a vacation.  It is an opportunity to withdraw from everyday life and strengthen faith.  Thus, a retreat: “to withdraw, retire, or draw back, especially for shelter or seclusion.” 

Now, don’t get me wrong, retreats are fun.  All CRN properties include an extensive list of exciting recreation activities, as well as thrilling adventure recreation options.  No matter the age, physical abilities, or interests, guests are sure to find a good time at an off-site event.  

But again, our main focus is to retreat.  To find time with God.  And Christian retreat centers are so focused on that for guests.  Think about it like this: Your church is on a mission to strengthen the faith of current believers and make new followers of Christ.  Consider the opportunities that your church is offering when they put the focus on God for a few days in a secluded location. 

There are tons of places you can go just for fun; amusement parks, escape rooms (we have 2 at Lake Williamson), putt putt courses (Lake Williamson and Potomac Park have courses), etc.  Why go there when you can go on a retreat that can change your life?  (And still have some fun while there.)

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