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Events aren’t dead...

By Kayla

Everyone in the event industry was holding their breath last year to see what else 2020 would unleash.  Events got smaller and harder as gathering restrictions increased their grip.  But in-person events aren’t a thing of the past, yet.  While some people may believe that the transitions made in 2020 will be the undoing of how we previously hosted events, they are not going to destroy them completely.  Events aren’t dead, just different. 

The primary concern for event guests is the cleanliness of hands to prevent the spread of disease.  Think of all the signs/announcements out there to remind you to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.  At upcoming events, every entrance and high-touch area will be guarded by hand wash stations and bottles of hand sanitizer.  As guests enter, they can start the session, meal, etc. with a fresh set of hands.  You may also find small bottles of hand sanitizer in guest rooms and SWAG bags.

Six feet apart isn’t going to be the only distance.  For venues that normally host multiple groups simultaneously, there may be extra separation precautions in place to keep groups from intermingling, especially in common areas like the dining room and gym.  If your group likes to be exclusive, this may be a benefit.  Smaller venues can host you with full run of the property and no fear of being around strangers.  There will also be measures to separate a group into smaller groups that stay distanced.

Masks may become a part of the dress code.  For those instances where distancing isn’t possible, face masks will be worn to prevent the spread of disease between guests.  Depending on the venue, this could be a requirement to enter a building or meeting session. 

There is no denying that the pandemic has affected events, from business meetings to leadership retreats to youth camps.  They may be different, but events will not die from COVID-19. 

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