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What’s your number?

By Kayla

I have moments during service where I become flooded with emotion.  Where the power of God overwhelms me as I sing along with worship.  It is a feeling I wish more people got to experience.  And it should be the feeling you wish to give guests when you host a church retreat.

Many people measure a successful event by the number of participants.  While you want to reach as many people as possible, that number doesn’t matter if your event is a flop.  And even if you don’t get a bunch of participants, those that do come deserve a spectacular time. 

Instead of looking at the numbers, focus on the connection made among the group and with God.  When that drives your motivation and planning, there is unlimited potential in the event.  Remember what can result from it.  We often talk about life-changing events, but here are examples of what that could mean:

  • A call to ministry.  I have met many pastors who found their call into ministry by going to church camp.  They found a passion in ministry that they couldn’t see simply from attending church.
  • Baptism.  Most CRN properties have seen baptisms happen at events.  You want to talk about something that changes your life.
  • Renewed relationships.  Whether it is spouses, family or friendships, time away is a great bonding mechanism.  And that’s not even counting team building exercises.  These shared experiences are the building blocks for long-term, Christ-centered relationships.
  • Self-improvement.  Like me in those worship service, some people come back from a retreat feeling like a new person.  They are renewed in their faith, relaxed from their busy life, and restored in their mental health. 

Look at the true successes: baptisms, relationships, those who got saved.  These are the things that are actually important.  And when everyone else hears about the power of your event, they will be the first ones signing up next time. 

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