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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

By Kayla

Virtual reality (immersive multimedia) and augmented reality (a layering of computer-generated sensory input onto real-world views) have seen major investments and advances in the past few years.  Don’t think these tools haven’t gone unnoticed in the event world.  This creative, immersive visualization technology is beginning to work its way into events in a number of ways.

Recreate Bible stories with a VR headset.  Visit the empty tomb, explore the ark, or look upon the cross in ways never before imaginable.  No plane ticket required!!  It’s like watching a movie versus reading a book.  Guests can visualize it in their minds or be shown.

The same idea can be applied using AR.  Using their phones, guests can bring characters to life through their screens (think Pokémon Go).  Such characters could give an announcement, share a story, or reveal clues for a mystery trail.

Checkpoints throughout the venue can have a video, character or popup of information that guides guests.  Post the schedule or give directions in a real-time format for guests.

Pastors, speakers, and team leaders can utilize vision casting to share a project or idea.  Whether it is a church remodel or other project, the presenter can give a 3D model to attendees for a much clearer show of what they are presenting. 

Similarly, stage sets, exhibit booths and other event setups can now be done using a virtual walkthrough, instead of 3D modeling. These walkthroughs can be saved and compared to future designs.

Products apply to the same concept.  VR headsets can be used to demonstrate products at tradeshows in a more realistic, interactive, and engaging manner while minimizing the need to ship physical products to a show.

VR will redefine virtual meetings! Instead of watching a webcast, VR could make it seem to the remote attendee as if he/she were actually in the meeting room.  But this doesn’t have to be in real time for those who didn’t show up.  Record the event and provide this option for guests to relive the experience later.

Every event is looking for that “wow” factor.  Augmented and virtual reality experiences are it.

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