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I want to host a retreat, but I’m not a leader in my church.

By Kayla

Whether you have attended a church retreat in the past or have heard about it from a friend, there are multiple reasons to want your church to have a retreat.  However, members of the congregation that do not hold a position with the church can be discouraged from bringing this idea forth.  If you prepare properly, you will be able to convince your pastor and church leaders to have a retreat.  And maybe they will let you run it. 

It all starts with a plan.  Start by gathering as much information as possible before you even talk to your pastor.  Get some ideas on venue, guest demographic (i.e. men, women, youth, etc.), and especially cost.  Not only will knowing how much work you have already put in show your seriousness, but also give ease to the many questions they would have at the specifics to holding an event.  Most events are not pursued for the simple fact of doubt and lack of information.

Find some promo videos online.  If you have narrowed down a venue, search or ask for promo videos from other events that have happened there.  The venue might even have their own video they use to promote to potential groups.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so imagine the literature outpour of a video.

Nothing is more persuasive than reviews.  When shopping online, how often do you skip the reviews to see what others experienced with the product you are looking to buy?  I never do!  That’s because others’ insight can help me make a more educated decision.  Most retreat center websites include testimonials from previous guests.  These are a great way to show how church retreats have affected people and the effect it could have on your church.  Even better would be to have a couple of people who have attended church retreats come talk to your pastor.  Other measures to show impact include calls to ministry and baptisms that happen at these events.

You don’t have to lead a church to plan an event for it.  Your pastor may actually prefer to not have to wear that hat.  If you are so moved, pray about it and approach the need.  God will provide.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

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