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The Littlest Detail

By Kayla

Events are made up of four main components: lodging, meeting, dining, and recreation.  Unless, of course, your event is only for one day.  But essentially, these are the elements a planner must make absolute sure are in place to have a successful event.  After that, it’s all gravy.

Okay, maybe not gravy, but after getting these four walls in place, everything else is easier to plan.  At our Illinois property, Lake Williamson, we work with the mindset of Galatians 5:13 to serve one another in love.  In doing so, we aim to exceed the expectations of guests.  It’s the littlest details that make the difference.

One of the things to do just before people arrive is another quick sweep of your space.  Make sure the chairs and tables are set up.  Test your A/V equipment.  Vacuum the floor.  Wipe the tables and chairs off.  Little things that guests won’t notice you did but will definitely notice if you didn’t.

Make everyone name tags with the schedule printed on the back.  Even if your group knows everyone, it is still nice when coming in contact with staff.  It also makes for a simple, personal souvenir.  Here are more ideas for your name tag and welcome packet.

For those creative planners, think about theme decorations.  This definitely does not have to be extravagant.  Centerpieces on tables give meals that little something extra.  Decorations and props on the stage make for a much nicer setup than just a mic and some speakers.  This could even be as simple as adding color.  Make sure to budget if you choose to do this because the cost will sneak up on you.

Individualize your event.  Giving the littlest detail includes for each person.  This includes both your promotion pieces and message.  While events are held for many, when planners can do things that make each person feel unique, it revolutionizes the experience.  For example, when sending out an email to guests or your church members, use a merge field that puts in the recipient’s name. 

Again, these are little details, not big or difficult tasks.  In our experience, many people notice what is there versus what isn’t.  Paying a little extra attention (if time and money allow) can take your event from “fine” to “PHENOMENAL”.

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