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It’s all in there

By Kayla

In the past we have shared what you really need (and don’t need) for summer camp.  But some parents still struggle in finding the best method for sending things with their young kids for a week.

Your strongest advocate is organization.  Take care of separating things out now.  AND make sure your child is working on this with you.  The best organization is done with the one who will be sorting through it so that it makes sense to them. 

The most important stuff to pack is outfits.  Using gallon Ziploc baggies, match up outfits for each day/activity.  Label the outside with the kid’s name and when this outfit is for.  Include everything they need in that baggie so they can just open it and put everything on.  This will save time and effort on the kid’s part, as well as reassurance for the parents that the nice shirt isn’t worn during mud volleyball.  Then the clothes can be put back in their individual bags when finished.  That way wet clothes don’t get mixed in with nice ones.  You should then throw in a trash bag for all of the dirty clothes to go into so that it stays together.

One outfit not to forget is swimwear.  I mean, if you don’t get wet, did you even go to camp??  It is best to send two or three swimsuits, because putting on a wet swimsuit is the worst.  Don’t forget to also send a beach towel.  Even if the venue offers shower towels, these will not be allowed outside of the rooms.

A few other things to bring are:

  • Toiletries and shower caddy for it all to go in
  • Wreath hook for towels to hang over bunk
  • Extra “comfy” clothes, socks and underwear
  • A hoodie in case it gets chilly
  • A rain jacket, because weather happens
  • Sleeping bag, because it is much easier for kids than trying to make the bed with sheets
  • Money for snacks and souvenirs

Before throwing these things in the suitcase, label everything important with a campers first and last name and a phone number.  We see plenty of things get left behind in rooms, and a label makes a huge difference in our ability to get it back to the right guest.

We hope these tips will help you efficiently pack for your child.  Whether they are at camp for a week or a weekend, this time requires them to be completely independent, but you can still help them fully prepare for it.

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