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How much for this?

By Kayla

Now, that you know how to send money, it is time to determine the amount.  Let’s start by looking at what they could be spending money on: 

  • Souvenirs – Many camps offer a store where kids can buy souvenirs from their stay, such as t-shirts, water bottles, drawstring bags, and more.  Like hotels, these stores also tend to keep toiletry items in case people forget. 
  • Snacks – Even though kids will receive three meals a day, they will still have options for extra snacks and drinks.  Whether it is vending machines or the snack shop, they will have plenty of options for buying drinks, candy, pizza, ice cream, and more.  After all, what is camp without sugar?
  • Arcade games – Some camps offer billiards, air hockey, and other games that require 50 cents to a dollar to play.   
  • Offerings – When kids attend church camp, they usually have the option to give an offering just like church services.

A general guide is $10-$15 per night they are attending.  The biggest factor in calculating how much to send is truly what you are comfortable sending.  Don’t break the bank in order to send your kids.  What you paid already is enough for them to have a great experience.  These other options are just extras. 

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