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Pack it up!

By Kayla

I recently answered a phone call at our Illinois property, Lake Williamson, from a woman coming for an event just a couple days away, who had some questions about packing.  She wondered if the lodge rooms normally ran hot or cold, which would determine which blanket she would bring.   

Don’t fret, we do have blankets here for guests!  But it is little things like that which we often forget about in the planning process.  And it’s tricky since every event is different.  For example, a week-long event may need items that a one-night doesn’t, such as nail clippers or multiple pairs of shoes.  Plus, the individual guests cause differences in packing.  Where an adult male will get by with the bare essentials, young kids might need additional comforts of home, like a blanket or stuffed animal.  We simply ask you to not bring things you are afraid to lose, because, trust me, it happens.  We also host events year-round, so the season affects what goes in suitcases.

Here are some of the necessities:  

  • Swimsuit 
  • Beach towels
  • Play clothes (and a trash bag to put them in after use) 
  • Jacket (in case it rains or gets chilly)
  • Nice clothes for service
  • Sunscreen 
  • Bug Spray 
  • Water bottle
  • Bible

The place to start is with the resources provided by your event and venue.  They often have suggestions to make sure you have everything you need to get through the retreat. 

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