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Lead by Example

By Kayla

Think about the person you looked up to most as you grew up.  Did you dress like them?  Talk like them?  Maybe you simply admired them for the person they were and that is who you hope to be someday.  Now imagine that person was never in your life.  How would it be different?

Not every kid has a role model, or at least, a good one.  Many have also never heard of God or come to know Him in their life.  That is what youth retreats are all about!  Introducing and bringing kids closer to God. 

If this past year has taught us anything, it’s that the internet has too great of influence on people.  And without real people in their lives to guide, kids can fall prey to the things they read on the internet.  If you want to provide them with an opportunity, host a retreat where you can teach them about God and the Bible without the distractions, hate, and opposition found online.

Here is a testimony from one of the students who attended Breakaway Camp 2021:

“I remember pastor preaching and he said if you have been following God, but you haven't made him the king of your life come forward. And I was just thinking about it and realized I've been relying on myself too much and trying to fix everything myself. I realized I need to rely on God more and form a better relationship. So I came up and my leader came and prayed for me and it was just the most relaxed I felt in months and I felt confident.”

Youth retreats and camps are the perfect place to provide guidance for students and show them how to live a godly life.  Show them how to read the Bible, especially in times of need.  Provide a safe place for them to learn and grow that they can reference.  And most importantly, give them positive role models.  Some will look to their counselors, some the speaker, and others the friends they meet.  In the end these experiences make a lasting impact where students are led by example.

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