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Have a Seat

By Kayla

Every group has a meeting space included in their retreat package, which includes complimentary A/V/L and chair setup.  But there are a ton of details in planning a retreat and the spacing of chairs is probably not at the top of your to-do list.  That’s okay.  We have multiple configuration options to help you pick what is best for your meeting.

Chair Only Configurations:

Rows Center Aisle – Straight rows set off in two sections with a center aisle allows guests and speakers to walk down the center for entering, speaking or alter calls.  Suggested number of seats; 25+.

Rows Center Section – This is basically the same, except the center is a section instead of aisle.  There are usually three sections, meaning two aisles.  This can shrink the width of the sections so that it is easier for guests to get in and out of their seats.  Suggested number of seats; 25+.

Theater – Very similar to rows, this has chairs in sections that face forward.  The difference is that the outside sections are set at an angle.  This is ideal for a wide setup and stage.  Suggested number of seats; 50+.

Circle – Use this configuration for small group discussion.  It allows everyone to see each other in a smaller setting.  Suggested number of seats; 8-40.

U-Shape – The U is similar to the circle where most people can see each other, but it is preferable for a speaker that can walk around and keep everyone in front of them.  This can also potentially have tables added.  Suggested number of seats; 10-40.

Table and Chair Configurations:

Classroom – If guests need to be taking notes from a speaker in the front, classroom is the configuration for you.  Only one side of the table is used so that everyone is facing the same direction.  Suggested number of seats; 10-100.

Conference – Conference style allows discussion like the circle, but with the ability for note taking, laptops, or snacks.  Suggested number of seats; 10-75.

Banquet – Take the classroom style and just put people on both sides of the table.  This is not ideal for a meeting with a speaker since guests would have to turn and move to see.  Suggested number of seats; 10-200.

Rounds – Similar to banquet, this is perfect for more of a social event than listening to a speaker.  It can also be used for team discussions, crafts and snacking.  Suggested number of seats; 10-100.

As you can see, there are plenty of options for setting up chairs in your meeting space.  Just let us know how many to set in which configuration and we will have it ready to go when you arrive for your event.  Having such a time-consuming task off your plate the day of the event makes a huge difference in planning.

*Seating suggestions are based on chair numbers and not necessarily room dimensions.  Each room will have its own limitations in seating and setup based on its size. 

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