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By Kayla

A is for Audio, that makes all the sounds loud

V is for Video

L is for Lighting to make all the space bright

Here in the meeting room

Every retreat package in the Christian Retreats Network includes one meeting space for the group.  And they can set it up pretty much however they want.  One person could stand in an empty room and deliver a message to 50 people by simply talking and accomplish what they entered that room to do.  Or there could be rows of tables and chairs with a stage, light show, projector, and speakers hooked up to band equipment. 

As I said, every package at every property includes a meeting space to be used.  But we don’t just give you an empty room.  We will set it up before you arrive with tables and/or chairs, as well as A/V/L.  Free of charge.  But what does A/V/L stand for?  Let’s break down what those three letters really include:

Audio – Microphones, speakers, soundboards, and instrument hookup.  Think anything that makes sounds.  This is the audio equipment that your band or speaker can use to make sure they are heard.   

Video – From projectors to TVs, we will help you show your videos, lyrics, and slideshows.  We have many connection cables, but groups are encouraged to bring their own so that we know it will fit their computer. 

Lighting – Headlights, spotlights, and uplights are all lighting options that can set the mood of your meeting space.  Some rooms even have dimmable LED lighting.  This isn’t just about making sure people can see.  Proper lighting effects can add dimension, excitement, and direction.  

After Guest Services sets up your meeting space, they aren’t done.  They will help troubleshoot and show groups how to run the equipment.  Don’t get lost in the technology.  We have plenty of equipment to make your meeting everything you wish, and the staff to set it up for you.

*All A/V/L equipment is for use pending availability.  Check with Conference Services to see what is offered in your meeting space.

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