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Are you closed?

By Kayla

Summer is our favorite time of the year.  Each Christian Retreats Network property is packed with kids and adults alike splashing in the lakes and singing along at worship.  Retreats, camps, and conferences keep us full and busy from May until August.  After which, we close right?

No.  We have 8 properties that are open year-round. 

What can you do at an off-season event?  The lake might be closed, and human foosball is pretty hard to play in the snow, but there are plenty of fun, indoor recreation activities available, such as gyms, blacklight sports, indoor pools, and game rooms.  Fall evenings are perfect for bonfires and hayrides (which are both complimentary in all retreat packages).

Speaking of retreat packages, ours also offer lodging, dining, and meeting included.  Most lodging  rooms have both heating and A/C to make them comfortable no matter the weather outside.  Hearty soups and hot entrees warm guests up during their 3 meals a day in packages.  Finally, is the meeting space that is included for a group.  This can be used for worship, meetings, and indoor activities.  It is up to you.

So, to answer the primary question, no, we are not closed.  Events are not restricted to the warm, sunny months of summer.  Ask us about off-season events.  We would be happy to see you at any time of the year.

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