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Drip Campaign

By Kayla

The fastest way to fill a bucket is by dumping all the water straight into it.  But a continuous drip will eventually fill it as well.  It just takes a little longer.  Drip campaigns in reference to marketing mean distributing small bits of promotion information at a time.  Just like a dripping faucet can fill a bucket. 

You should promote your event the same way.  There is no need to drown everyone with all the information at once.  Much of it will be missed.  Plus, a one-time marketing plan for a multi-month signup timeframe doesn’t bode well.  People will forget to sign up and need that continuous reminder to make sure they get it done and to keep pumping them up as the event draws near. 

So, how and what do you drip?  The good news about a drip campaign is it allows you to send out information as it is added.  Don’t have your speaker finalized yet?  Promote it as a surprise until you are sure.  Start with the dates and location.  Eventually give the speaker and band.  Use some videos on social media to promote certain activities you plan on doing.  You should also utilize email lists.  As big things happen or deadlines approach, send out an email reminder.

When you start the drip campaign, you just need to get the word out with the basics.  It doesn’t need a call to action.  Just give them something to spark interest.  This includes the what, when and where.  Your next set of content need the call to action, a.k.a. the registration link.  It’s time to get people signing up.  Make sure these contain deadlines for registration.  Then get people pumped up for your event, as well as giving helpful information like a packing list.

Piece by piece prospective guests will get the event information until they know the whole deal.  As you continually distribute it will reinforce the event in their minds, as well as hype them up about it.  Planning and registration happen so far out from the actual event, that people can easily forget about something that won’t be happening for months. 

Remember, this is a drip that fills your bucket.  So, as you distribute knew information, don’t forget about the previous details.  If someone misses the first flyer but sees a later social post that doesn’t have dates or location on it still, they won’t know where to find it.  Use every piece to build onto the next and create the ultimate event.  Your event may not be until next summer, but you should be dripping out your information now and all the way up until the arrival day. By the time of your event, your bucket will be full to the brim.

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