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One More Night

By Kayla

When it comes to the length of a retreat, there is no one right answer.  But it is a very important decision that the planner has to make.  How long (how many days and nights) should your retreat be? 

Let’s be honest, most people don’t like to commit too much of their time.  This will often lead planners to opt for a simple day event or afternoon instead of anything overnight.  Yes, limiting the timeframe does reduce cost, but it also reduces the ability to do things.  That is less worship, meeting and fun. 

Our most popular package is for two nights, usually Friday to Sunday.  Versus the one-night package, the cost per night goes down 20% by adding on that second night.  That’s pretty significant savings considering you are adding one night of lodging, 3 more meals and a whole other day worth of fun and fellowship.    

Here are some things to consider when choosing your retreat length:

  • Remember that your arrival and departure days are not full days at the venue. You have to account for travel time, registration/check out, and packing/unpacking. 
  • Is it worth the drive? We have groups travel hundreds of miles for their retreat.  Guests have a hard time justifying the cost and time of travel if what they are going to isn’t very long.
  • Your retreat schedule is only as packed as to fit your timeframe. When you spread your event out over another day, you don’t have to run guests from place to place.  The point is for them to retreat and relax.  We see plenty of packed schedules that burn out guests instead of rejuvenating them.  Use your goals and schedule to help determine how long your event needs to be.

This is a big decision on your event that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  If you are feeling overwhelmed or crammed, consider adding another night to your event. 

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