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Packing Tips

By Kayla

Here are a couple of quick tips to help you efficiently pack for your next church retreat.

  • Don’t pack your essentials. You may not be able to get things out of your suitcase quickly, so keep the essential stuff out or in an easily accessible place.
  • Don’t fold. You can get more clothes in that way.  Plus, they won’t wrinkle. 
  • Bring bags for dirty laundry. One for wet/muddy and one for nice clothes.
  • Bring a wreath door hanger to hang towels and swimsuits.
  • Limit your liquids. Only take as much soap, shampoo, etc. that you need, because it will take up less room and if it spills, there won’t be as much mess.
  • Leave some empty space. I always come back from trips with more than when I left, so make sure there is room for souvenirs.  You would also pack up some of those essentials for the way home (that you won’t need until you get home). 
  • Know what you need! Get a packing list from your group leader so that you aren’t filling your suitcase with items you won’t be using.

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