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Facebook Reels

By Kayla

Let’s get Reel about Facebook for a second.  Recently we talked about Facebook stories and how they can be used for events.  Another section of the popular social media platform works similarly but is called Reels.  Just like stories, there is a dedicated panel to only showing the reels on users’ Facebook feed.

In previous years, video content took plenty of time, talent, and money.  Reels is the perfect way to make cool content without sacrificing any of those things.  Facebook reels can last up to 60 seconds in length and incorporate video, music, and special effects, all within the app.  Not only are they quick to create, but also quick to consume, which is why users enjoy them so much.  What that means for creators is condensing content that is gripping and relevant

You can use previously recorded videos from your gallery or create new.  By strategically pressing the red record button, you can stick together multiple shots into one reel, perfect for skipping effects.  Predetermined backgrounds can also be incorporated by select Green Screen as an option.  The video will start recording on the background you choose but will only show what it can decipher as your head/body.  Effects for videos rand from distorted images to shiny overlays to graphics. 

Like stories, reels offer quick little snippets to hype up and showcase your event.  Use them during worship, recreation, and testimonies.  This also removes the need for fancy equipment to shoot video because you use a phone.  Give the task to one or two people to be posting during your event.  Just make sure they are sharing on behalf of the church/ministry page so that members can see it without having to be friends with those who are posting. 

Social media is a great way to get more than just guests engaged in your event.  But don’t get stuck with the same old post.  Keep things fresh with Facebook Reels.

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