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On-site schedules

By Kayla

You as the retreat planner probably have every second of your event memorized.  Good for you!  But your guests don’t.  And even if you tell them or send it out ahead of time, they still aren’t going to know it.  Having guests miss out on a team building activity because they thought it was at 4 pm instead of 2 pm would be terrible.  Especially if your event takes place over 5 days, you will need to have schedules handy for everyone each day.

The best place to start is in hand.  Well not literally.  More like around the neck.  Most groups use name badges for their guests to not only share names, but also which group or team color they are in.  But if you’re leaving the back of that name badge white, you are missing out on some prime promotion real estate.  Condense down that schedule into a small graphic and stick it on the back.  Then guests always have the agenda on hand.

If you are allowing phones during your event, make a digital copy.  Using a QR code, guests can scan and have all the information at their fingertips.  However, there are a couple of things to note with this path.  It is important to have a creative, techy person on your team to handle this task.  Aside from choosing the file type, you will also have to have a platform to display.  This could be an interactive Adobe InDesign online file, a pdf on your website, or an image on Facebook.  The other consideration is that if it has to be viewed online, make sure that there is enough Wi-Fi/phone service in order for it to display.  We hosted an event with a totally digital schedule that bogged down the Wi-Fi because 1,000 people were all trying to use it at once.  It may be better to have a file they can download to their device.

Then there’s the classic flyer option.  But to get more into the modern era, make it a banner.  Portable banner stands can be bought on Amazon for $25 for a two pack.  Most individuals don’t have a banner printer but printing stores like Office Depot can print them.  Ask your venue if it is okay to display your schedule banners.  They may have preferred areas for you to do so.  Then as guests progress through your event, they can continually see where to and what is next.  This is also a great spot to put some of your event branding.

Events are full and fun and you want to make sure your guests get the most out of the experience.  Make sure they don’t miss anything by providing on-site schedules of your event.

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