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Praying over Students at Camp

By Ashley

As parents or leaders of youth in Christian organizations, we are on the watch for ways to help protect, encourage, and develop our children & teens to their fullest potential.

Prayer is one of the strongest ways we can support our students during their camp experience… plus it’s free! We’ve gathered some links and graphics to help encourage and guide you through an action plan of prayer and devotion over your students this summer.

If you know of a student’s specific needs, then your focus can start there. But if you’re praying generally over the students from your church family, then here are some items you can cover in your time of prayer:

  • Encouragement and patience for counselors and camp staff
  • Discernment and enlightenment for the worship band and speakers
  • A fun and safe experience for your students and their cabin-mates
  • Favorable weather and safe travels
  • Opportunities for growth, both spiritually and emotionally, and success in those opportunities
  • Positive interactions with cabin-mates, fellow students, and new friendships

An older but still good read is an article “Praying for Your Kids” in Today’s Christian Woman. Specifically tip #5 – Remember Who’s in Control. We as parents and leaders can feel protective over our students and want to do everything in our power to prevent them from facing obstacles and facing hurt but they are God’s children first. The article reminds us that God is our partner in parenting; we are not alone in the role.

It is our team's prayer that each student coming to camp at any of the Christian Retreats Network properties will arrive with an open heart and excitement for a new experience. That they will receive the message that our God has for them and leave encouraged and changed, closer to Him as they continue their summer and into the school year.

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