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Thoughtful and Meaningful Gifts for Co-Workers this Christmas

By The CRN Team

Once upon a time, they were known as "colleagues," but now, we might refer to these individuals as co-workers, work friends, or even work family.

Today, we’ll present eight gift suggestions. All items are available from These gifts are neutral and simple yet brimming with thoughtfulness and significance.

In addition to co-workers, these gift ideas can be extended to consultants, vendors, or even the receptionist who greets your weekly calls. If the thought of gifting them this Christmas resonates with you, read on!


#1 LED Light: This personalized LED Light is impactful and chic. It's a great option to use in lieu of a night light at home or showcase in an office. Choose from 10 Bible verses. This gift will come boxed. Extra special step: assemble and present in a sturdy gift box. Another option is to print a picture of the product and include it in a notecard.

#2 Read Me Color Coded Jar: This cute jar includes 67 verses that are color-coded depending on your mood. Yellow is for happy, red is for angry, green is for anxious, and blue is for sad. Extra Special Step: You can gift this in person, or you can ship directly to a friend via Etsy.

#3 Praying Women Sculpture: These beautiful and powerful sculptures are handmade in Scurry, TX out of hydrostone. The artist signs each product and includes a card with their story.

#4 The Lord is My Shepherd Embroidered Sweatshirt: This sweet sweatshirt is unexpectedly powerful. The embroidered sweatshirt is gaining a lot of popularity as of late due to its higher quality and sustainability. Unlike vinyl, this sweatshirt is made to last for years to come. Its quality is as timeless as the scripture!


#1 Personalized Note Pad: A classic wooden cross with a strong serif font for a strong Man of God. These notepads come in mini and regular sizes; both are available in pads of 50 or 100 pages. These are great for a leadership team or if you need to buy the same gifts for multiple people. An extra special touch is writing a heartfelt note to the recipient on the first page and wrapping it in twine.

#2 Bible Verse Pencils: These pencils are a fun gift for the young (or young at heart). Each pencil is inscribed with a verse and an inspirational statement. The extra special touch: in lieu of a classic wrapping job, use clear tape to snuggly wrap them into a bundle. Tie a ribbon around the bundle with a small note tag. If you don't have a note tag, don't sweat it. Cut a piece of paper to size and pierce a hole with your scissors. Voila!

#3 Fisher of Men Shirt: This shirt puts a new perspective: "Come follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." This tee comes in multiple colors for variation. Extra special step: Pair with a bag of Swedish Fish and tie with twine.

#4 Be Still and Know Travel Bag: Do you have someone who travels a lot in your life? Travel is a blessing but can be hard for families with young or school-aged children. Keep them grounded with this leather toiletry bag embossed with the reminder to "Be Still and Know That I Am God. It comes in various colors and can be personalized for an upcharge. Extra special step: place a notecard and gift card inside!

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