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Classics With a Twist: Indoor Team Building Activities for The Summer

By The CRN Team

At summer camp, most of your activities occur in the great outdoors, but don't overlook the potential of your indoor spaces. All the properties in the Christian Retreats Network have indoor recreation spaces perfect for retreating to on rainy or extra hot days. An empty room or gym can easily be transformed into a space that encourages teamwork and fosters collaboration.

As a seasoned leader who has witnessed the transformative effects of teamwork, you know that a good icebreaker can take a group of strangers and transform them into a team. Whether you're leading a camp, youth group, or sports team, these classic games will be easy to integrate into your schedule. Teamwork is more than cooperation; it's a journey of growth, learning, and shared achievement.

In this article, we share four fantastic team-building activities designed to supercharge engagement and help campers break out of their shells. We'll explore the "what," "why," and "how" of each game and provide valuable insights on leading them effectively.

Musical Chairs (Karaoke Style)

Musical Chairs is a timeless favorite, beloved for its simplicity, fun factor, and ability to boost competitive spirits. Although it's traditionally a kid's game, Musical Chairs is fun for all ages. In this version, you will add a musical twist! To kick off the activity, select a team leader or counselor to perform a few lines of their favorite song, allowing all campers to play the first round. Song choices can vary from hymns to popular hits to nursery rhymes. When the singer stops, the mad scramble for chairs begins! The person left standing becomes the next Karaoke star. It's a hilarious version of a classic game everyone already knows.

Move If You...

This variation takes the essence of Musical Chairs and turns it into an engaging and intimate activity. Instead of music, one camper stands in the center of the circle and shares something they love about themselves with the phrase: "I love my neighbor who [insert: a fact about themselves that they love]." Those who relate to the statement must stand up and swap chairs with other participants. The person left without a seat takes the center for the next round. This game encourages students to practice speaking kindly and confidently about themselves.


This game is designed to get campers moving and conversing. It's most challenging for groups who don’t know one another but is still a fun challenge for groups familiar with each other. Gather the group and direct them to line up alphabetically by their first names. For additional rounds, you can have them organize themselves by middle names, last names, or birthdays.

Silent Line Up

A twist on the ABCDEFG game, but this time, NO TALKING is allowed. Choose an item of clothing and challenge the campers to line up by color, arranging themselves from the darkest shade to the lightest without uttering a single word. You can play additional rounds with hair color or height.

Whether you're a camp leader seeking innovative ways to get your team connected or a counselor needing activities to fill time, prepare to have a ton of fun. These classic and simple activities will give your group the boost they need. Enjoy!

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