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Do Kids Get Too Old For Summer Camp?

By The CRN Team

Often, parents find themselves at the beginning of summer, contemplating if their child has outgrown summer camp. Having a teenager who can drive doesn't necessarily mean they're too grown-up for church camp. In fact, they might even appreciate the camp experience more now than when they were children. 

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Amidst the constant whirlwind of technology and the juggling of school and extracurriculars, teens face pressure like never before. As the trusted adults and elder Christians in their lives, it's vital we share with them the value of rest and relaxation. Summer camp is the perfect place to unwind from the stress of homework, practice, and social calendars. We can all time away to rekindle our connection with Him, undistracted by the world's noise and needs. 

Summer camps come in all shapes and sizes, tailored for different personalities and interests. As your children age, you might notice a shift in the language used to advertise what is essentially summer camp. Instead, you might read about service or mission camps for teens. Service camps offer a work-study program sprinkled with traditional summer recreation. A group of 5th-grade children may happily play in the lake for two hours, followed by another hour or two of recreational entertainment. A teenager may be sufficiently satisfied with one hour of traditional recreation plus independent bible study and additional chapel time. No matter the age, the goal is the same: to help students grow in their faith and service to others. 

Encourage your teen to embrace the transformative journey of retreats, where faith deepens, and lasting friendships are forged. In the serene embrace of nature, they discover God's love and purpose, gaining strength to navigate life's challenges. It's a sanctuary for spiritual growth, nourishing their hearts and souls.

As you consider the path your child might take in their journey of faith and service, don't forget the remarkable opportunity camp counseling presents. Just like our Heavenly Father guides and nurtures us in our spiritual walk, camp counselors have the privilege of leading young souls toward personal growth and a deeper connection with God. In this role, young adults can gain valuable life experience while spreading the light of Christ to those around them. So, if your child feels they may have outgrown being a camper, encourage them to consider the fulfilling path of camp counseling, where they can make a lasting impact in the name of the Lord.

When having a heart-to-heart with your teenager about their plans for this upcoming summer, consider exploring camps tailored to their age group. It's a fantastic opportunity for them to make lasting memories and grow in faith and character. If they're hesitant about being a camper, reassure them they can volunteer or become counselors. Both roles offer a summer experience they'll cherish. Rest assured, they are always young for the enriching and transformative experience of camp.

A prayer for your teen: 

Heavenly Father, we humbly come before You, entrusting our beloved students into Your care as they embark on their impending summer. Surround them with Your love, protection, and wisdom. Grant them the strength and courage to face new experiences. Bless their interactions with fellow teens so that they may be healthy and in your image. May this journey be a source of inspiration, deepening their faith and filling their hearts with joy. In Your holy name, we pray. Amen.

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