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Findings Funds to Pay For Summer Camp: Fundraising Ideas For Families and Small Groups

By The CRN Team

The merits of youth camp are undeniable. Camp provides a transformative experience for kids -- fostering personal growth, building friendships, and instilling valuable life skills. However, the financial burden of sending a child to camp can be a daunting challenge for many families and organizations.

In this article, we'll explore various fundraising ideas to help bridge the financial gap and ensure that no child in your community misses out on this life-changing opportunity.


Organize a service fundraiser where participants offer various services such as lawn care or cleaning. For example, you can mow yards, rake leaves, till gardens, clean basements/garages, or paint sheds. The beauty of this approach is that it raises funds AND encourages community members to support a good cause, all while crossing items off their to-do lists. Advertise your service project in your church's weekly bulletin and monthly newsletter. Is there a senior group at your church? Send one or two youth representatives to discuss the fundraiser and entice sales.


If your church has a nursery, you have a stream of income. Consider offering a youth program to the parents and guardians in your church. Be strategic in choosing dates. If it's around the holidays, offer a time for parents to drop off their children for a day of Christmas shopping. Are there any adult-only events coming up in your area? Offer a kid’s program during that same time frame. It's great for parents to have fun alternatives to asking grandparents or friends to help with childcare. Is there an event coming up at your church where the nursery would typically be available? Have your youth staff the nursery and ask for "tips." Additionally, you can provide babysitting services at church members' homes, offering flexibility and convenience.

Sporting Tournament

Plan and organize a sporting tournament. In planning, think about what is popular in your hometown. Do you have a large and active runners’ group? If so, consider planning a 5k and Fun Run. Do you have a large fan base in your community for a specific sport or sports team? Plan a tournament around that sport: football, baseball, or basketball. Charge a small entry fee for participants and offer food and drinks for sale during the game. Up the ante and offer a cash prize for the tournament winners. Ask a local Christian business to sponsor the winners; small and mid-size companies often seek opportunities to give back to their community.

Coupon Book/Card

Develop a coupon book or card featuring discounts and special offers from businesses in your local region. Companies can donate or participate in creating these coupon books, benefiting from increased visibility and customers. Purchasers get discounts, and your fundraising campaign receives the proceeds, making it a win-win for all parties involved. Coupon Books can sometimes take a few years to catch on, so be consistent and strategic in your planning and implementation. Set a sales period and be transparent about when they will be for sale again. Consider including an appeal and picture in the Coupon Book telling your story and your "why." Include a QR code that allows individuals to donate directly to the Youth Group.


Ask for Donations from Sponsors

Never underestimate the power of directly asking for support. Approach church members with requests to help cover the camp costs for deserving children. Some church members may be eager to support a child's camp experience financially. Ask your church leadership about a special offering plate in the months leading up to summer; at registration time, organizers can use the funds to sponsor or discount fees for campers. Also, the QR code I mentioned? Ask your church marketing team to include the QR code and appeal in the church's bulletin and newsletter. Individuals can scan and donate right from their phones.

We're excited about the upcoming summer Bible camp and are seeking sponsors. Your support would mean the world to us. This camp is an incredible opportunity to strengthen our faith and build lasting friendships. We're asking your help to cover the costs, making it possible for every youth group member to attend. Your generosity will make a real difference in our lives, and we're grateful for any contribution you can offer. Thank you so much for being a part of our mission!

Donations can be made by cash, check, or Venmo.

  • Cash and Check to Youth Group Leader.
  • Venmo: @SuperGreatChurchYouthGroup


Super Great Church Youth Group

Youth camp is undeniably a valuable and life-changing experience. However, the financial aspect can pose a significant obstacle for many families. That's where creative fundraising ideas come into play, ensuring every child within your community takes advantage of this transformative opportunity. The time and effort invested in these fundraising initiatives are undoubtedly worth it, as they enable every child to access the benefits of attending camp. By working together, your church and community can make youth camp a reality for all children, providing memories and life lessons that will last a lifetime.

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